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Great, but One big feature missing so far

This app is what I was looking For. A simple but flexible way to manage my small business. I was able to update my chart of accounts to exactly what my accountant asked for - big win!! BUT - I can’t manually update transactions with the categories and accounts in the app - I need to go to the web app. Highly inconvenient. Hopefully this will get added soon!!

Easy to use!

Makes billing hours super easy! I can just do it from my phone. Sweet!

Best ever from longtime entrepreneur

I’ve started and ran over 10 companies in my life including a fairly large software consulting firm emphasis on accounting and inventory control. Zoho is the most exciting group of products I have ever seen. I’m convinced that they eliminate the need for over 30% of our personnel. The software blows away Sage and QuickBooks and many others. It’s not even close. I have never been this excited about software. Serious!


This app gives a general overview o income. I haven’t used it to plug in numbers yet though.

Zgjim Gerxhaliu

Great App


Very useful Application

Love how easy it is

Dies everything I need and more.

Simple and just plain works

Does everything needed.

Excellent and Full-Featured Accounting Program

Zoho Books is capable of handling my complete accounting needs for my consulting practice. Previously on my Mac I used desk-top versions of AccountEdge Professional Accounting and QuickBooks. I decided to move to a cloud-based accounting program to be available on my iPad when traveling. After trying many cloud-based accounting programs I chose Zoho Books. Other cloud-based accounting programs either could not handle retainers properly and/or could not generate customer statements. Thanks to the Zoho team. John Herrmann

Zoho Books is a great product!

I use Zoho Books on a daily basis. It is very user friendly and easily accessible from mobile phone or tablet during business travels. It loads fast even on slow connections overseas. Interface is very clean, self explanatory and easy to use. A few times that I needed to contact customer service via chat, they always answered fast and addressed my questions on the spot. I highly recommend Zoho Books.

Look no further

Been delighted using Zoho Books. Packed with features with a very user friendly interface and design.

Love zoho

Desktop and mobile app helps deal with admin bookkeeping while maximizing billable hours.

Zoho is fantastic!

This app makes it super easy to create a contact, sales order, invoice, payment, etc. Thank you for all your wonderful programs!


Easy to use

Very nice for expenses

I can quickly recited mileage and meal expenses with a quick photo of receipt. Makes accounting at month end go super smooth.

Notifications problem

App icon shows at l least 2 unseen notifications since last update. I can clear all but 2 after opening notifications.

Simply Amazing

I can’t believe that I am able to put my company together and have such an amazing product to offer. My company looks like multi-million $ company and I just made my first sale❤️

I love Zoho

The best app for my business !

Ez app for Small businesses

street forward accounting software. Makes accounting not so complicated. Simple to set up working and sending invoices in a matter of hour or less. Over all Zoho books would keg an A+ from me.

No manual journal entry processing on mobile app

I liked the easiness of Zoho but since there is no section for manual journal entry processing on mobile app Zoho will not be a helpful system for accountants. I hope you consider this point.

Great for business owners

Zoho books is very easy to use and provides a ton of value. I use zoho to manage my overall cash flow. The app UI is great and the desktop UI is even better in my opinion.

Great app

Works great

Great software

I am amazed by Zoho, i used to use Quickbooks, but it didn’t have all the features i needed, but with Zoho every-time i think of something and wonder if their software would have the feature i need i get surprised because they do. Really good Love it

Huge Fan

Been a customer of Zoho Books for over 4 years now and I’m always impressed by the fact of how perfect this platform is for my business. Highly recommend to any freelancers trying to stay on top of their finances and making sure they’re getting paid on time.

Overall good app

Overall a good app. Has had bugs over the years but most have been worked out. Does what we need on the go.


Raven-Wolf Publishing loves Zoho!

BEST interface System EVER

Overwhelmingly easy-peasy step by step learning tutorial if its ever been a tutorial, its a All-in-One we would ever need for any of our enterprises!

Best invoice and accounting app

Excellent app


This is a great platform that allows us and our company to run a successful lifestyle company! They are always improving their features and are quick the help assist with any tech challenges.!!!


Zoho does it all! They are responsive, constantly improving their apps and super intuitive all at a price that can’t be beat. Highly recommend it. I’m a small business owner.

Awesome app much better then QuickBooks

Awesome app much better then QuickBooks

On vacation

I’ve been able to easily crate quotes for my customers while on vacation. I love this app and am so glad that I found it. This makes my job easier.

Very impressed

I’m very impressed with Zoho books as well as their other apps. Powerful and intuitive. It’s your business center.


Easy to use and powerful!

It’s all about integration

Are use the entire Soho one suite of apps. Books integrates with CRM projects and gives me a unified view of my business. I love it.

Love Zoho Books app

Great companion to Zoho Books website.

No reoccurring invoices

Where’s the option to modify reocurring invoices?


Love this app. Send invoices from bed!

Perfect for my business

I have a little business and Zoho is the perfect tool to manage it.


Easiest software ever!!! Lots of features! Very easy to use!!!

Very good

Does everything I need for my small business. Not particularly intuitive to use, but reliable. The app is good for expenses but not much else. Worth what I pay for it.

Espectacular control y manejo del dinero

Se maneja fácilmente, aumenta el control, registro de datos, reportes en tiempo real de lo que sucede en sus ingresos y gastos

Very Good

A very good software to manage tour business on the go. Thanks to all teams

Great App

Zoho's suite of apps are very robust and user friendly, Zoho Books follows in this tradition

Good app

Stable and quick.

Whoa... Just Crashes.. Update

Thanks, crashes fixed. Great app btw, gives you a lot of functionality that you'd get through the web version. I'd like to see custom buttons implemented.

Great app

I have tried many different apps for my business and this is by far my favorite app.

Awesome, intuitive, best customer service

Zoho rocks on both desktop and on the app. Keep up the great work!

Works well and updates are great

Thanks for the new updates to estimates. It is great to go mobile with such a powerful accounting app.

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